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     Tyler Curnes resides in Elkhorn, Nebraska, a small town near Omaha. He is an up-and-coming young artistic craftsman with a vision for creating art through the medium of glass. He has taken numerous glass classes from local artisans and began his journey after attending glass classes at the Hot Shops Art Center. This is where his love with the science of glass and metal interaction started. He has ventured across the country to take more specific classes from world renowned artists such as Patty Gray and Anne Nye. He has recently traveled to the BULLSEYE Resource Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for specialty training in creating his own lost wax castings. These castings can be used to mold individual pieces of art for his clients.  He strives to create unique pieces and one-of-a-kind glass art.




     Tyler works with glass to create custom, kiln-fired art and lighting pieces. He enjoys all forms of design from small bowls and serving plates to trivets to large wall art pieces to wall sconces and special lighting. He has sold his glass art pieces to new home buyers who want a unique look for their lighting and to business owners who are looking for a special lighting design. His individual glass serving dishes are especially alluring for all special occasion for those who wish to purchase a truly memorable gift for that special someone.


     All of Tyler’s work is hand designed and created in the colors and textures of the clients choosing. His work is guaranteed to meet and surpass your needs. If you are looking for a truly unique gift or a one-of-a-kind design for your home or business lighting needs, Tyler is the artistic craftsman you need to see.

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